“On the eve of the 76th anniversary of the proclamation of the state of Israel on 14 May 1948, Australia has betrayed the only democracy in the Middle East at the recent UN vote on Palestine,” claims Indigenous Friends of Israel co-founders Norman and Barbara Miller. 

“On Israel’s Day of Independence or National Day, it will be asking if it has any allies in the world. Prime Minister Netanyahu has said he will go it alone if he has to so that more October 7s, promised by Hamas, will not occur and Israel can survive as a nation as it faces the existential threat from Iran and its proxies. 

“Australia was the first country to vote in favour of the 1947 UN partition resolution, which led to the creation of Israel as a nation state. Australia was the first country to recognize Israel, doing so in May 1949 and Dr Evatt of Australia presided over the vote which admitted Israel to the UN.

“Arabs were given the opportunity of forming their own state in the 1947 partition resolution so Palestine could have been created then but they rejected it as they have every peace plan since. 

“Now our record is tarnished by Foreign Minister Penny Wong, supported by Prime Minister Albanese to recognize Palestine as a state at the UN. This is rewarding the terrorism, barbarism, murder, rape, torture and mutilation of children, women, and the elderly on October 7. It is rewarding hostage taking which is a war crime as is the killing of civilians on October 7. 

“This is not surprising since Wong is the poster girl for Hamas and did not visit the areas where the slaughter occurred on October 7 when she visited Israel. Also, Albanese has been a supporter of Palestine since his university days. 

“The current Labor government has broken with years of bipartisan policy in Australia re Israel and put our relationship with Israel at risk and made Australia unsafe for Jewish people who have been good citizens.

“The Australian government has failed to deal with the rising tide of antisemitism in Australia and allowed hate speech to prevail on our streets and in our universities.

“Palestine does not meet the preconditions of statehood e.g. it does not meet the obligations of the UN Charter, is not a peaceful state, does not have internationally recognized borders, and it wants the same capital as Israel – Jerusalem. There needs to be a negotiated settlement with Israel, not a unilateral declaration. 

“The real problem is that Palestinians do not want a two-state solution. They want a one-state solution – all of Israel from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea plus the territories they currently live in and they will use terrorism to get it. 

“They are willing to turn their people into martyrs, using them as human shields, also a war crime, to win the propaganda war against Israel falsely accusing it of genocide when they are the ones committing genocide,” said the Millers. “Nations are failing to call Hamas to account.”

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