Indigenous Friends of Israel founders Norman and Barbara Miller refuted the claims of Brother Ismael recently at the Al Madina Dawah Centre, southwest Sydney that Hamas is not a terrorist organisation. He also called for Jihad. 

Indigenous Friends of Israel also raise concerns that not only has the Al Madina Dawah Centre not distanced themselves from this but it has released a similar tirade from another preacher. No other Islamic organisation has taken issue with this call to kill Jews either.

The Millers said:

“Hamas is recognised as a terrorist organisation in Australia and other nations and the slaughter, torture, and mutilation of Israelis, many in their beds, the burning alive of families, raping women, beheading babies, killing children and elderly including Holocaust survivors and kidnapping is a terrorist act. It has unleashed a blood lust around the world for Jewish blood which is what was intended. This cannot be justified under any circumstances. 

Jewish people around the world are no longer safe in their homes with some removing mezuzahs from their doors, not wearing anything identifying their Jewishness, children staying home from school, university students having to sit exams in safe rooms, random attacks by frenzied mobs, the baying for blood at a Russian airport, the pulling down of posters of kidnapped Jews and the streets of Australian cities being taken over by pro-Hamas rallies calling “Gas the Jews” etc has shades of Nazi Germany about it.

As has been noted, more Jews were killed on October 7 than on any other day since the Holocaust. 

Where is the will of government, ASIO, and police to do something about it? All the while we have the Greens supporting Hamas and walking out of Parliament and the ALP divided on the issue. Where is our moral clarity as a nation?

We do not want to see civilian casualties in Gaza either and it is a tragedy but Hamas must take some responsibility for using civilians as human shields, for not providing underground hiding places for them or allowing them to escape, and for commandeering humanitarian aid for terrorist purposes.

We do not agree with the false moral equivalence of pointing to Australia’s colonial past and comparing it to the Hamas-Israel war. Yes, there were wrongs in Australia’s past and Australia has said sorry and moved beyond that going to great lengths to repair the past.

We are against calls for Jihad. This is not a time to be calling for a holy war of Islam versus the West or Islam versus Judaism and Christianity. The Abraham Accords were progressing well until Iran and the Palestinians started to fear that there was too much peace and goodwill in the Middle East. It looks like they want to draw us into World War 3. 

Indigenous Friends of Israel recognises that the Jewish people are the Indigenous people of Israel having been there for 4,000 years. Muslim Arabs colonised Jerusalem about 638AD, relatively recently by comparison. While a number of conquests removed Jews from Israel, they have always been a remnant there. 

Israel is not a nation made up of white European Jews who came as refugees after the Holocaust. Jews are of all colours and it is the most multicultural nation in the world. The same number of Jewish refugees came from Arab lands in 1948 as those Arabs who left Israel as refugees in 1948. When Israel was reconstituted as a modern state in 1948, it was an act of decolonisation not colonisation.

We are calling on Prime Minister Albanese to visit Israel, add his name to the statement by former Australian prime ministers re Israel, stand more positively with Israel in the UN, and to withdraw all funding to UNRWA as it is used for terrorism. 

We also call for the Australian government to reverse recent decisions to call East Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria (the West Bank) and Gaza occupied instead of disputed territories and the recognition of Israel’s right to call at least West Jerusalem its capital. 

Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005 and all of Jerusalem was made the capital of Israel about 3,000 years ago under King David and we are calling on the Australian government to move its embassy there and not be intimidated by threats of violence.

We are fundraising for humanitarian aid for Israel. November 9 is the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the start of the Holocaust, and we are having an event remembering Aboriginal William Cooper who led the Australian Aborigines’ League in a protest against Kristallnacht to the German consulate in Melbourne in 1938.”

Signed Norman and Barbara Miller


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